Former footballer and Scotland captain Colin Hendry has spoken of his loss following the death of his wife, Denise. 

Mrs Hendry battled with illness for seven years when cosmetic surgery went wrong in 2002.  Her bowel and colon were perforated nine times during what has been described as “routine” liposuction surgery carried out by Dr Gustaf Aniansson at a private clinic in England. 

She underwent two further operations to correct the damage caused, but sadly died from a post-operative infection. 

At an inquest into her death in March 2011, the coroner identified the original liposuction surgery as having started a chain of events that ultimately led to her death. 

Doctors who subsequently treated Denise Hendry were said to have been “disgusted” by what they found.  One attempted to report the surgeon, Mr Aniansson, to the General Medical Council, but it was too late as he had already removed himself from the register in 2003.