A Government campaign designed to reduce the pressure on the NHS has been announced to run this weekend.

Aimed to limit the demand for NHS surgery to remove the faulty PIP implants the adverts will run in national newspapers as well as on social media sites. There will also be a poster campaign in GP surgeries and hospitals.

The campaign will stress that there is no clear evidence that the PIP implants will cause any more harm then other brands. It is headed "The NHS will support women with PIP breast implants" and reads:

"The latest advice from the NHS and plastic surgery experts is that women with PIP breast implants do not need to have them removed unless they have symptoms such as pain and tenderness. There is no link to cancer and there is no clear evidence of an increased risk of harm compared to other brands of breast implants."

"The NHS will remove your implants if your doctor agrees, but the NHS will not replace implants unless it is clinically necessary."

If you are concerned about whether you have received PIP implants or not then women are advised to speak to their GP or specialist and "agree what's best for you."

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