The Scottish government have confirmed that some 4,000 women could have received PIP implants although non appear to have been fitted by the NHS. They have stated that the "vast majority of, if not all of" PIP implants in Scotland were used by private clinics.

The Scottish Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon told the BBC that they had been given expert advice that there was no need for the routine removal of PIP implants although they agreed more evidence was needed and was being gathered, They have also confirmed that NHS boards in Scotland would be double checking their records to ensure PIP implants were not used and contacting and offering consultations if necessary. NHS fitted implants would be removed and replaced. 

She stated "I expect private surgery providers to take responsibility for their patients and offer the same service. Where a private provider is no longer in operation or does not offer appropriate care, the NHS will support removal of implants where that is the clinically appropriate course of action".

An advicelince for Scottish women concerned about their implants has been set up and can be contacted on 0800 22 44 88.

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