One of the many questions we are often asked by women who have had PIP implants fitted is, ‘Can I make a claim even if my PIPs haven’t ruptured?’  The short answer is that yes, you can.  In addition to claiming PIP compensation for the physical injuries incurred as a result of having PIP implants and possible unnecessary surgery, you can also claim compensation for any psychological injuries sustained.

A Clinical Psychologist has produced a short survey to gauge the emotional impact of the PIP implant scandal on those women who have been caught up in it.  Richard Sherry is a partner of a group of mental health professionals based in London and has a specialist interest in the psychology of cosmetic surgery.

The initial results of his ten-question survey suggest that the emotional and psychological consequences of having PIP implants are as serious and far-reaching as the physical issues.

According to the results published so far:

  • 48% of women polled had missed work due to stress about PIPs
  • 92% said they had suffered from insomnia – many needed medication
  • 71% said their relationship with their partners had been affected
  • 77% said their sense of self-esteem and self-worth had been affected
  • 83% feel their body image has been affected
  • 96% said they feel severely depressed and anxious
  • 80% said they think they will need therapy or counselling sessions

Solicitor Samantha Robson, head of the cosmetic surgery compensation team at Slee Blackwell says, “The responses to the survey make for disturbing reading.  One woman reported feeling tearful all the time – she said even the smallest things upset her now.  She characterised herself as being a “complete mess”.  Another said she had been unable to be intimate with her partner and feared for the future of their relationship.  Other women said they felt anxious about their ability to look after their children, and the impact this emotional turmoil was having on them.  Many women confessed that they wanted to, or indeed had, quit their jobs because of the stress caused by PIPs.  Others said they felt distracted at work and felt their performance was suffering as a result. 

The women who took part in the survey also revealed how difficult they find it to discuss the way PIPs have made them feel.  Many say that their confidence has been dealt a severe blow; others say that they feel ashamed - presumably because they made the choice to have breast augmentation surgery and now, finding themselves in this awful situation, feel somehow responsible for their predicament.  Many women feel extremely angry that their health has been put at risk through no fault of their own.  One woman was so traumatised by it all that she sadly resorted to self-harming.” 

The last question of the survey asks, “Please tell us about the impact this has had on you and your family.”  One lady replied: “I eat, breathe and sleep silicone, it’s the only thing in my head.” 

The findings of this survey are clear: the fall-out of the PIPs scandal on those involved is huge.  The impact of PIP implants goes way beyond an individual women - it affects her family, her partner and children and her career.  It is affecting all areas of a women’s life and the lives of all the people in it.  Additionally, due to the uncertainty of replacement surgery etc, lives are being put on hold: plans cannot be made, holidays cannot be booked.  The emotional and psychological impact of PIPs is all-encompassing and far-reaching and we will be looking at the psychological aspect of all our PIPs claims.

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