Sam Robson, specialist PIP claims solicitor, reports on rumours of clinics asking patients to sign waivers before cosmetic surgery.

We are hearing rumours that some clinics are refusing to provide review consultations or replacements for those involved in the PIPs implant scandal  without the patient first signing paperwork waiving any current or future cosmetic surgery claims against the clinic and agreeing to have their PIP implants destroyed if they were removed.

At the moment these are only rumours and we have yet to see any of these contracts but it does raise concerns that clinics may be trying to waive their liability.

If you have any concerns about paperwork you're asked to sign then we are offering to look through the contract on your behalf so we can make sure you're fully aware of the situation before you sign.

The contract can be sent to us either by fax or by email. If you do not have access to a fax then ask the clinic to fax it through to us.

You can email contracts to or fax  it to 01392 494773.

Please note if you have already instructed a solicitor to act for you in relation to PIPs you must let me know as it limits what can be said.

Please phone before anything is sent through so we can know to expect it.  Telephone: 01392 423000

We hope this will offer some peace of mind for those affected.

Sam Robson


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