The UK cosmetic surgery firm responsible for fitting more PIP implants then any other have stated that they will not replace them free of charge.

The Harley Medical Group who between September 2001 and March 2010 fitted 13,900 women with the PIP implants claimed that replacing them would put them out of business. They stated that they do not have the resources, surgeons or operating facilities required.

The Government’s view is that there is a “moral duty” on the private clinics that fitted the PIP breast implants to remove them with the NHS only becoming involved if a private clinic refuses or no longer exists and even then only removing the implant and not replacing it. Mel Braham chairman of the Harley Medical Group feels that as the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) approved the implants the moral responsibility should lie with the Government themselves. Mr Braham did however confirm that in his opinion the implants should be removed and replaced if the patient requests it.

The health secretary Andrew Lansley told the House of Commons that it was not fair that the taxpayer should pay and that if the NHS removed an implant then the private clinic responsible would be pursued for their costs. He is not however willing to follow the Welsh government’s lead and remove and replace PIP breast implants from women who were treated privately on the NHS.

Slee Blackwell’s Cosmetic Surgery Claims Specialist Samantha Robson said:

“Andrew Lansley said that every provider has a responsibility to put thing right. I couldn’t agree with him more and it is on that basis that Slee Blackwell are helping a large number of PIP victims bring PIP compensation claims. We are looking to get them compensation for what they have had to go through but we are also looking to get the implant removed and replaced. It seems only fair that the situation is fully resolved in this way so these innocent women can put all this behind them and get on with their lives.”

For further information on the PIP breast implant scandal or bringing a PIP compensation claim  Samantha Robson can be contacted on freephone 0800 052 3620 or by emailing her direct at

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