Alicia Douvall has been widely reported as admitting she took cosmetic surgery too far and hopes that her daughters will not make the same mistakes.

The former model and CBB housemate estimates spending a staggering £1m on various cosmetic procedures over the past 20 years. Breast augmentation, rhinoplasties and lip fillers are thought to have featured among the 300 or so cosmetic procedures she is said to have undergone.

She discussed her extensive use of plastic surgery while promoting her autobiography Don't Call Me Ugly in which she talks openly about her traumatic experiences with plastic surgery.

The entrepreneur now wishes to concentrate on warning others of the perils of cosmetic surgery and highlighting what can go wrong.

She has be critical of some members of the cosmetic surgery profession saying that she has come across too many bad plastic surgeons in her time.

Alicia would not encourage any young girl to have plastic surgery and hopes that her own daughters will not follow her example.

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