Have you been affected by cosmetic surgery gone wrong? Are you a victim of the PIP implant scandal?  Would you be willing to share your story? 

We have been approached by a features writer at Caters News, the oldest established national press agency in the UK.  They write for national papers and women's magazines such as Woman's Own, Closer, Cosmo, Bella, Take a Break and Real People and are currently looking for case studies for articles about failed cosmetic surgery. 

They are looking for a woman from the UK who has been affected by the PIP breast implant scandal and other types of cosmetic surgery disasters.

If you are interested in appearing in a feature you would be paid for your contribution. You would also be given the opportunity to read the article before publication. However, please be aware that publicity may affect your legal claim.  Generally speaking, publicity during the litigation process is best avoided as it may have an adverse effect on the outcome.  Having said this, the PIP scandal has already invited considerable publicity and provided that you do not disclose confidential information in your feature this should not make a difference to your legal claim.

If your would like us to put you in touch with the features writer, let us know. 

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