Having received over 200 enquiries in relation to the PIPs implant scandal in the last two weeks alone Slee Blackwell are now sending out the first letters to the private clinics so the PIP claims process can begin.

Sam Robson, Partner at Slee Blackwell and leader of the Cosmetic Surgery Claims Team says:

"We are aware that some law firms are only taking names of women who have received PIP implants at this time. They are not taking them on as clients and they are not issuing PIP claims on their behalf. We have discussed the matter at length with barristers and our own legal team at Slee Blackwell have considered the issues very carefully and we are confident that those who've been affected can make claims and can do so without delay. From speaking to these women on the phone and reading their posts on sites like Facebook it is clear that they want someone to fight their corner for them and they want action to be taken sooner rather than later. That's what we are doing."

Sam has specialised in cosmetic surgery claims for a number of years and was involved in a previous group action involving Trilucent Breast Implants which had a soya bean oil filling found to cause cancer. She is assisted in dealing with the PIP claims by Emily, Lucy, Caroline, Sam and Naomi.

"There are firms that are bigger but I like to think that there are very few firms who are better. I'm of the view that in situations like this the victims involved don't want to feel like they're on a conveyor belt and that their PIP claim is being dealt with by some faceless individual in a call centre somewhere. We offer a personal service and our client's know that they can pick up the phone, send us an email or even message us on Facebook and they'll get a response from the lawyer dealing with their claim. That to me is very important."  

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