Have you been affected by a cosmetic surgery procedure that has gone wrong?  BBC Radio 4’s, THE REPORT, are keen to talk to you about your experience for a documentary about the government’s current review into the cosmetic surgery industry.  They would like to speak to individuals who have had facial fillers or who may have undergone foot fillers.

There has been a marked increase in the number of women seeking treatment for the pain caused by wearing high heels.  The so-called “Loub Job” – named in homage to the iconic French designer Christian Louboutin – involves an injection of Botox mixed with collagen into the toes, heels and balls of the feet in order to plump up and numb the areas prone to pain.  However, the treatment is not risk free and podiatrists urge caution.

Radio 4 has approached us and is very keen to speak to anyone affected by fillers.  The initial telephone interview with their senior producer will be informal, confidential and on a no obligation basis.  The aim of the program will be to deliver a sensitive, thoughtful portrayal of your cosmetic surgery experience. 

If you would like to take part in the Radio 4 programme, or would like legal advice on a failed procedure involving fillers, please get in touch with Samantha Robson who will be happy to help liaise with the producers on 01392 423000 or via e-mail at sam.robson@sleeblackwell.co.uk


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