The Welsh government have changed their position in relation to the replacement of privately fitted PIP implants.

Last week they had stated that they while the NHS would fund the removal of all PIP implants only those received as a result of NHS treatment would also qualify for replacement breast implants. They have now stated that as long as a clinical need can be shown the NHS will also replaced those received through private treatment.

The decision was taken as Welsh Health Minister Lesley Griffiths confirmed the view that not replacing breast implants could leave women exposed to unnecessary risk.

Ms Griffiths told the BBC:

“Removing the implants and not replacing them could result in unsightly scarring, loose skin and potentially the accumulation of fluids, need fro drainage, and risk of infection.”

It is also felt that it is unnecessary to put PIP victims through the risk of complications arising from having to undergo two separate operations.

The Welsh government have stressed that NHS treatment should however be seen as a last resort. Those affected must be able to show that they have approached their private provider first. They must also be registered with a GP in Wales.

Their opinion is far removed from that of the UK government who have taken the view that the implants do not warrant routine removal. They state they have been advised that there is no significant increased clinical risk in cases where implants are not replaced.

It is believed that 95% of the 40,000 women in the UK who received the implants did so as a result of private treatment.  

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