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PIP compensation update:  October 2018 

Still time to join the French court action 

For several years we have been liaising with French lawyer Olivier Aumaitre on behalf of a large number of British women who are seeking PIP compensation. Olivier is bringing a court action in France against TUV Rheinland (the company who certified the PIP implants as safe).

Earlier this month (October 2018) we went to Paris to hear the decision of the French supreme court. We are delighted to say that the court ruled in favour of PIP victims worldwide.

This means that the door is still open for British victims to come forward and claim PIP compensation. It is estimated that up to 47,000 British women revceived faulty PIP breast implants. The vast majority of those women have never been compensated.

We can prepare your PIP compensation case for submission to Olivier Aumaitre so that it can be included in the court action in France.

We would recommend that you act quickly. The next hearing is in December.

We can deal with your PIP compensation claim in France on a No Win – No Fee basis so there is no financial risk to you in making a claim. 

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PIP breast implant update

2018 Update: Since this article was first published in 2013 developments in PIP breast implant compensation mean there is still an opportunity for women to make a claim.

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One story behind the PIPs Scandal

Over the last two weeks we have spoken to over 300 women who have become victims as a result of the PIP implant scandal. All of them tell us the same thing. They are scared and angry and they are frustrated by the lack of help they are receiving. They speak to clinics and GPs and look at what is being said by Government departments on the Internet and tell us how upsetting it...


Male implants also made by French firm at centre of the PIP scandal

It was previously thought that only women had been affected by the PIP implant scandal. However two former employees have alleged that the company also manufactured testicle, buttock and chest implants.

Although the company only declared production of PIP breast implants one former PIP worker told Le Parisien that machines specifically...