Cosmetic surgery solicitor, Samantha Robson comments on the PIP implant scandal and the PIP Implants compensation claims being made.

French company Poly Implant Prosthèse (PIP) is at the centre of a cosmetic surgery horror story involving the production of sub-standard silicone breast implants for the European market.  The company, which based in the south of France, has been using cheap industrial silicone, usually destined for the electronics industry and computer parts, instead of the more expensive medical-grade fillers in their implants.  The company is alleged to have saved £840 million a year by using the cheap silicone substitute but disastrous consequences are now unfolding and thousands of women may need to have their defective implants removed.  In France alone up to 30,000 people have been affected and it is estimated that over 40,000 women in Britain have had silicone implants fitted which were manufactured by PIP.

The cheap silicone implants supplied by PIP have been found to carry a higher risk of bursting and leaking than medical grade fillers.  The casing around the fillers has also been found to be faulty and prone to rupture.  What is potentially far worse, however, is the possibility that the silicone used in the implants leaking into breast tissue could cause cancer.  Whilst the UK health regulator has tried to reassure potential victims stating that there is no hard scientific evidence as yet for chemical toxicity and potential cancer from the fillings in PIP implants, many women are understandably worried.  There have been at least eight reported cases of cancer in women who have had the PIP breast implants fitted so far.

In France, women who have been fitted with the sub-standard breast implants are staging demonstrations outside the French health ministry and lobbying the government to pay for the implant removals.  Hundreds of women are now taking legal action against the clinics which carried out the breast implant procedures, having entered into legal contracts on the basis the implants would not rupture and leak. The PIP breast implant compensation being claimed includes the costs and expenses of revision surgery and the associated pain and suffering that will involve.

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