Breast implant surgery gone wrong: Twice!

We have recovered compensation for a client who was the victim of a series of medical errors in relation to breast implant surgery. The case illustrates just how badly wrong cosmetic surgery can sometimes go. Contact us for a free case assessment.

Our client had been concerned for a number of years that her breasts were of unequal size. She therefore decided to have breast implants inserted to correct the problem.

Following surgery she became aware of the PIP breast implant scandal. Understandably she was concerned that PIP implants may have been used in her surgery and the consequences this could have for her health. As the NHS was unable to replace implants, only remove them, she contacted a local cosmetic surgery clinic to see what they could do. When she saw Mr R, the cosmetic surgeon, she was unaware of the size of her original implants as the clinic which had inserted them had gone into liquidation. The client therefore discussed the planned surgery with Mr R and they agreed on the size and type of breast implant she required.

Her cosmetic surgery procedure was carried out and the surgical notes recorded that breast implants of 325cc (right) and 225cc (left) were removed with 450 cc implants being inserted on both sides.

Following surgery our client was immediately aware that her left breast was larger than her right. A week after surgery she returned to see Mr R for a follow up appointment and she raised her concerns with the surgeon, pointing out to him that her breasts appeared to be different sizes.  She was advised to wait for the swelling to go down. At six weeks post op it was apparent that the size difference remained.

Mr R accepted the surgery had gone wrong and agreed to replace the implants. Revision surgery took place with 615g implants being inserted bilaterally. Once again, following the surgery the client was immediately aware that one breast was larger than the other. Again she was advised by Mr R to wait for the swelling to subside and again the situation did not rectify itself.

Because the procedure had gone wrong for a second time it was agreed that a third procedure should be performed. This time Mr R replaced the right implant with a 715g implant in an attempt to rectify the asymmetry.

Whilst the third procedure corrected the asymmetry to a degree, our client was nevertheless left with larger breasts than she had wanted. She had also been required to undergo unnecessary surgical procedures.

Slee Blackwell Solicitors agreed to pursue a claim for compensation for negligent cosmetic surgery. We represented her under a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement, which meant that she did not have to worry about financing the legal costs.

We won the claim and were successful in securing our client a compensation settlement of £22,000. She received her compensation in full and we recovered the legal costs from the surgeon.

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Breast Implant Surgery Gone Wrong