Making a facelift claim

If you are looking for solicitors to deal with your facelift claim then contact our free legal helpline. We deal with negligence claims where a facelift procedure has gone wrong, leaving the patient suffering physical and psychological symptoms.

A facelift, referred to by doctors as rhytidectomy surgery, is a cosmetic procedure which involves lifting up and pulling back the skin to make the patient’s face tighter and smoother. The aim is usually to reduce flabby or sagging skin on the lower half of the patient’s face (especially around their jowls) and neck. The cosmetic surgeon will generally make cuts to the patient’s face in several locations and remove surplus skin.

As with other types of surgery, rhytidectomy involves major risks and outcomes cannot ever be guaranteed. However if you experience complications that were caused by surgical error then you may be able to recover compensation by making a facelift claim.

When a facelift goes wrong the impact can be devastating. A range of problems and complications can arise, including nerve damage, unsightly scarring and hair loss. The post-operative cosmetic appearance can also give cause for concern, with patients being unhappy with how they look. A common complaint is asymmetrical facial features.

In these cases we can help you to recover compensation for both your physical injuries and the psychological impact of the surgical error. We can also claim your financial losses, such as lost earnings for time taken off work and the cost of private medical treatment to correct the surgical error.

We deal with a negligent rhytidectomy facelift claim on a no win, no fee basis, so you do not need to worry about funding legal costs and fees.

You can read a real life case study of a successful claim here.

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Facelift Claims (Rhytidectomy)