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Compensation can be claimed when otoplasty, or ear surgery, has gone wrong, leaving the patient suffering ongoing symptoms.

Ear correction surgery is a cosmetic procedure that is normally designed to alter the size or shape of the patient’s ears or to pin them closer to the side of the head if they stick out.

Otoplasty surgery, as it is known, is frequently carried out when the patient is young, though adults do also undergo the procedure.

When otoplasty ear surgery goes wrong the patient can be left with various problems, including hearing loss and overcorrection issues that give rise to an undesirable cosmetic appearance.

There is always a risk with any kind of surgery. Those risks should be fully explored with the patient (and the parents of children undergoing the procedure) before the operation takes place. If the patient was not fully informed or the procedure was not carried out correctly then a compensation claim may be an option.

In these cases we can help you to recover compensation for your physical and psychological injuries, along with any out of pocket expenses, including the cost of private medical treatment to correct the surgical error.

We deal with negligent otoplasty claims on a no win, no fee basis. There is therefore no reason to let concerns about legal costs put you off seeking justice.

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Otoplasty (ear surgery) Claims