We specialise in rhinoplasty compensation claims.

These cases arise when nose surgery has gone wrong, leaving the patient suffering physical symptoms.

Nose surgery, referred to by doctors as rhinoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that involves reshaping or changing the size of the nose.

Although the procedure is not usually available on the NHS if it is carried out for cosmetic reasons, NHS funding can be available if rhinoplasty is required to help your breathing.

As with other types of surgery, rhinoplasty involves serious risks and the clinical outcome can never be guaranteed. However if you experience complications that were caused by the negligence of a surgeon, hospital or clinic then you may be able to make a rhinoplasty compensation claim.

When rhinoplasty goes wrong the impact on the patient can be devastating,both physically and psychologically. A range of problems and complications can arise, including nasal collapse, breathing difficulties, loss of smell or taste, nerve damage and various undesired cosmetic effects, such as asymmetry and saddle deformity at the tip of the nose.

In these cases we can help you to recover compensation for both your physical injuries and the psychological impact of the surgical error. We can also recover your financial losses such as lost earnings for time taken off work and the cost of private medical treatment to correct the surgical error.

We deal with negligent rhinoplasty compensation claims on a no win, no fee basis, so you do not need to worry about funding legal costs.

Our specialist team are highly experienced in helpling people whose nose surgery has gone wrong and you can read a real life case study of a successful claim here. This case was in fact the fourth rhinoplasty compensation claim we have made against the same cosmetic surgeon!

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Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) compensation claims

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