We have recently won yet another nose surgery compensation claim.

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We have succeeded in a claim. brought on behalf of a woman who had a rhinoplasty procedure carried out by well-known cosmetic surgeon at a Harley Street clinic.

She explained to the surgeon during her initial consultation that she was unhappy with the appearance of her nose and wanted a hump to be reduced so that her nose would look more in proportion.

The procedure was carried out and at her post-operative review, she raised her concerns with the surgeon about swelling and blood building up within her nose. The surgeon simply advised her to allow further time for her nose to heal.

Our client continued to be concerned about fluid build up in her nose and went to see her GP. However, her doctor felt unable to help and advised her to go back to the cosmetic surgeon who had carried out the procedure.

She therefore went to see the well-known surgeon again at his Harley Street clinic to raise her concerns. The consultation took place in a corridor as there was no consultation room free. The surgeon identified a fluid filled lesion which he said was a spot caused by the dressing that had been placed over our client’s nose following surgery. He lanced the lesion with a needle whilst in the corridor and pus was released.

During the meeting our client also raised concerns regarding her misaligned septum as she felt that this was looking worse than it had done prior to the surgery. She was told that this could be corrected but she would need further surgery.

Following this consultation, our client remained very unhappy with the outcome of her surgery. Her septum was misaligned and her nostrils appeared uneven. She had lost her trust in the surgeon and wnt to  another cosmetic surgeon at a well-known private clinic for a second opinion. The second surgeon confirmed that she had a perforated septum, an irregular columella and an irregular dorsal hump which had been caused by the actions of the surgeon at the Harley Street clinic who had performed the original surgery.

We were therefore consulted about bringing a nose surgery compensation claim against the surgeon. We specialise in nose surgery cases and agreed to work on a No Win, No Fee basis.

We prepared and submitted a Letter of Claim to the surgeon, holding him legally responsible for our client’s condition. This resulted in the surgeon making an offer to settle the compensation claim out of court.

We felt that the offer was insufficient. We therefore rejected the proposals and this led to further negotiations taking place.

Eventually an agreement was reached for settlement in the sum of £32,000 plus legal costs.

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Nose surgery compensation success