Facial laser thread vein treatment claim success 


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Our client had facial laser thread vein treatment for the removal of thread veins.  She had been conscious that she had several thread veins on her face, including some in the creases either side of her nose and wanted them removing.

Following a consultation at the clinic, including a patch test, she decided to book three rounds of treatment.  Following the second round of treatment she noticed that the pain was much worse than she had experienced the first time. She then noticed that the area immediately next to her nose was redder than it had been after the earlier treatment and was more painful. Once the redness had subsided, she was left with small of scars to  the side of her nose.

She raised her concerns with the clinic and was seen by a dermatologist who confirmed that she had suffered scarring. She began wearing heavy cover-up cosmetics to hide the unsightly scars. After further assessment following use of scar reducing cream, she was told that the scarring would be permanent.

She consulted us at Cosmetic Surgery Law and the cosmetic claim specialists at Slee Blackwell Solicitors agreed to assist her on a No Win, No Fee basis.

We obtained the medical records from the clinic and carried out a detailed investigation of the facial laser thread vein treatment.

We then arranged an examination with an independent dermatology expert who prepared a report to support the compensation claim. The expert concluded that the scarring was caused as a result of ‘pulse stacking’. This occurs when the clinician holds the laser tool for too long in one spot, causing damage to the skin which results in permanent pit and linear scarring. The expert recommended further laser ablation treatment to reduce the appearance of the scarring.

We therefore advanced her facial laser thread vein treatment claim on the basis that the clinician had misused the equipment, causing her to suffer permanent scarring and requiring the need for ablation treatment.

Although the defendant denied the allegations, we were able to achieve a satisfactory five figure out of court compensation settlement for our client, including her legal costs.

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Facial laser thread vein treatment claim