Sophie Townsend recovers £20,000 for her client in a breast augmentation compensation claim

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Sophie’s client underwent a breast augmentation which was performed by cosmetic surgeon, Mr Chana. Initially it appeared that the surgery had gone well but by the time she was reviewed by Mr Chana later in the year her implants had dropped slightly.

She therefore underwent revision surgery which was also performed by Mr Chana. Following the revision surgery Sophie’s client found that her nipples were in the wrong position, causing them to become visible above cup of her bra. Among other things this limited the choice of top that she was able to wear.

She contacted our free helpline about making a breast augmentation compensation claim. Sophie assessed her case free of charge and agreed to take the claim on, working on a no win, no fee basis.

Sophie notified Mr Chana of the claim, alleging that he had removed too much skin above her client’s nipples. The surgeon’s legal team made an offer of settlement, but Sophie felt that it was not enough and advised her claim to reject the offer.

Sophie then obtained a medical report from an expert cosmetic surgeon. This report confirmed that the position of her nipples was too high by approximately 2 cm (which could be categorised as visible at normal conversational distance) and that additional revision surgery would be necessary to correct it.

Further negotiations then took place and an out of court settlement was eventually reached with Sophie’s client receiving the sum of £20,000.

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