Case study of a successful negligent rhinoplasty claim

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We were consulted by a woman who had undergone a rhinoplasty procedure at a North London cosmetic surgery clinic. The operation had been performed by a qualified and reputable consultant surgeon. Following the procedure the woman was unhappy with the aesthetic appearance of her nose. The visual effect was not what she had asked for and she was also experiencing post-operative breathing problems.

She had obtained a second opinion from another consultant in cosmetic surgery. He advised that her nose had collapsed at the bridge as a result of the surgery. He considered that too much bone and cartilage had been removed, leaving no support and causing the tip of the nose to droop. There was also cartilage clearly sticking out at the columella. The woman was advised that she would need to undergo further reconstructive surgery and cartilage would need to be removed from another part of her body in order to rebuild her nose.

We provided a free case assessment, concluding that a negligent rhinoplasty compensation claim had good prospects of success. We offered to pursue her claim for compensation on a no win – no fee basis.

We immediately undertook steps to establish that the nose surgery had been negligently performed. This involved obtaining the woman’s medical records and arranging for expert evidence to be obtained on the standard of the medical treatment she had received. We also obtained evidence of the impact of the negligent rhinoplasty in terms of our client’s physical health, her appearance and her financial position.

We successfully built a strong legal case. The surgeon’s insurers soon realised that it would be difficult for them to defend the claim and they agreed to enter into settlement discussions. Following negotiations agreement was finally reached for settlement of the claim out of court. Our client received compensation of £46,000.00, together with payment of her legal costs.

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