Facelift compensation recovered for victim of a negligent silhouette facelift

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Our client consulted a cosmetic surgery clinic to discuss the possibility of a blepharoplasty, the technical medical term for an eye-lift. She was seen by a clinic co-ordinator and her surgeon who suggested that she may also benefit from a silhouette facelift procedure. This additional surgery was offered to her at a reduced price if she agreed to undergo it at the same time as the blepharoplasty.

The surgery was carried out the following month. The silhouette facelift was performed by placing 4 barbed sutures on each side of her face. The sutures were then pulled to lift her face and anchored to mesh inserted under the skin above the hairline.

However, she was alarmed to find she had an indentation on her cheek when her dressings were removed. The left corner of her mouth also appeared lifted, resulting in asymmetry. In addition she experienced what she described as a ‘snapping sensation’ which she believed to be the sutures breaking. She noticed that when this happened the asymmetry disappeared. but her face returned to how it was prior to the surgery. It was clearly apparent that the facelift procedure had failed.

The surgeon offered her a refund or, if she preferred, he said he would perform the surgery again. She accepted the offer of repeat surgery and she was advised to wait for 6 months.

When the second operation was subsequently performed our client discovered she had a marked indentation, this time on the right hand side of her face. She complained to the clinic and arrangements were made for her to see a different cosmetic surgeon for a second opinion. This doctor manipulated a lump on her right cheek. She felt the something ‘snap’ and this seemed to correct the indentation.

She was understandably unhappy with the treatment she had received from the clinic. She therefore decided to take legal action and consulted us about making a facelift compensation claim. After reviewing the case we agreed to pursue a claim on a No Win – No Fee basis.

We alleged that the cosmetic surgeon had breached his duty of care by recommending and performing the silhouette facelift when there was very little evidence that his patient actually needed one or that she would achieve any benefit in undergoing the procedure. It was, in short, unnecessary surgery which we argued was motivated purely for financial gain.

As a consequence of the surgical negligence, our client was left with a flattening of the malar region of her cheeks. This was particularly pronounced on the right side of her face and she was highly conscious of the visual effect. She also had tenderness associated with the scars on both temporal regions where there were palpable suture knots under the surface of the skin.

The cosmetic surgeon recognised the strength of the allegations being pursued and agreed to settle out of court, paying the our client compensation and legal costs.

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Woman wins negligent silhouette facelift compensation claim