When Botox and fillers go wrong

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Do you envy people with fuller lips that can pull that perfect pout? Have you ever been tempted to use Botox or fillers to get that look? Thousands are turning to this option every year, but what are the risks and what happens if it all goes wrong?

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons have emphasised the lack of regulation with regards to the administration of lip fillers, highlighting the fact that they are often administered by those with no medical qualifications. Due to the lack of regulation, many individuals who have undergone this cosmetic treatment have suffered an adverse effect. In some cases the injuries have been serious and include severe scarring, facial deformity and nerve damage.

And it is not just the physical injuries that are a concern. When Botox and fillers go wrong the patient’s confidence, social life, career and relationships can also suffer.

So, what can be done in these circumstances? Where do you stand with regard to making a clinical negligence claim and seeking compensation?

One important question is whether you were properly advised about the known risks of the procedure which has caused the injury to you. If not, would you have still agreed to go ahead with the treatment had you been fully informed? If you would not have taken the risk then you may have a viable clinical negligence claim.

We can also look at how the procedure was carried out and whether it was done properly. If Botox or fillers have been used incorrectly or the manufacturer’s instructions have not been followed then it is likley that the practitioner will be legally responsible for any adverse effects that you suffer.

Legal claims are not purely resticted to compensation for the injuries. By making a clinical negligence claim you can also seek money to fund corrective surgery or any other medical treatment that is required to get you looking and feeling right.

We specialise in claims arising from cosmetic surgery, including cases where Botox and fillers have gone wrong. We are recommended by The Legal 500 and have extensive knowledge and experience of cosmetic clinical negligence claims. So, if you are unsure about which way to turn when your cosmetic procedure has gone wrong, our specialist clinical negligence team are here to help.

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Botox and fillers: Making a claim when things go wrong