It was previously thought that only women had been affected by the PIP implant scandal. However two former employees have alleged that the company also manufactured testicle, buttock and chest implants.

Although the company only declared production of PIP breast implants one former PIP worker told Le Parisien that machines specifically making such implants were purchased and used by the company during the last few years of its existence with most of what was produced being sent abroad.

The employee also stated that the gel used in the male aimed buttock and chest implants was the same as the industrial quality material used in the PIP breast implants which it is believed have a high risk of rupturing. The gel is similar to that used as a fuel additive or rubber tubing. It is unclear what gel was used in the testicular implants.

While buttock and chest implants are aimed at men who felt they were not very well built the testicular implants were used in reconstruction in patients who had lost a testicle through cancer or amputation or been born with only one.

James McNally, partner at Slee Blackwell and part of the firm’s Cosmetic Surgery Claims team said:

“It does seem that the majority of the implants manufactured for men were exported outside of Europe. This does afford some relief but obviously the problem with PIP is that the company were less then honest and so no one at this stage is really sure what they did and where. If anyone does have concerns they should contact the clinic who provided them with the implant in the first place and also speak to their GP. If their concerns turn out to be genuine then we can provide them with full advice on bringing a PIP compensation claim.”

James McNally can be contacted on freephone 0800 052 3620 or by emailing him direct at [email protected]

Male implants also made by French firm at centre of the PIP scandal