The Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has already said that private clinics should "step up" and offer free surgery but the Labour leader Ed Miliband has now stated that the government should consider implementing legislation so that the companies involved are forced to face up to their responsibilities.

Mr Miliband has indicated that he feels the law needs to be looked at to prevent similar problems in the future but also for changes to be implemented to help those affected now. He hopes for any discussions that do take place to be on a cross-party basis.

At the moment Harley Medical Group, The Hospital Group and Transform Cosmetic Surgery are all still refusing to pay for operations to remove or replace the PIP implants.

This weekend also saw Mr Lansley raise concerns with regard to the insurance position of the clinics involved and on BBC's "The Andrew Marr Show" stated:

"I think the argument that they somehow can't afford to do so begs the question: where was their insurance? Where were they insuring themselves against their liabilities? I think their ability to meet their liabilities to their patients should be one of the issues we look at."

Though Mr Lansley has indicated the government would look into pursuing the clinics themselves to recover payment for operations carried out subsequently on the NHS there are queries as to how this will be implemented given there is no contract between the Department of Health.   

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