Number of people claiming against a cosmetic surgery clinic set to rise as one in five clinics are declared unsafe

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Health regulator, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), has threatened to shut down independent cosmetic surgery clinics which are putting patients at risk by failing fundamental safety processes in a new report that has just been published.

Our specialist lawyers who help injured patients with claiming against cosmetic surgery clinics are unsurprised by the revelation that one in five clinics are a danger to the public.

Oliver Thorne, head of Slee Blackwell’s cosmetic surgery claim unit, commented:

The findings of the latest CQC report come as absolutely no surprise to me. The stories we hear from our clients are truly terrifying. Practices within some clinics fail to meet even basic safety standards. The public would be shocked if they knew the truth of what goes on and people are needlessly suffering serious injury as a result. It’s about time the regulators did something about it. I wholeheartedly welcome the promised crackdown and shutting the worst clinics is a good start.A common problem we experience is surgeons not holding the appropriate insurance for when things go wrong. Often clinics are unhelpful when trying to locate a surgeon’s insurance. In my opinion, a surgeon’s insurance details should be easily accessible to patients whether these are located on clinic websites or provided to a patient when they enter into a contract with a clinic or a surgeon.”

The CQC inspectors singled out the use of untrained staff, inadequate monitoring of patients, failure to obtain consent before commencing treatment,  inability to manage allergic reactions and inattention to fundamental safety processes.

The CQC’s Chief Inspector of Hospitals has promised to use his enforcement powers to improve patient safety in the UK’s cosmetic surgery clinics, suspending or cancelling registrations where necessary

The registration of a cosmetic surgery clinic in the West Midlands has already been cancelled after a number of unsafe practices were identified. An appeal against the court’s decision has been dropped by the owners.

The CQC has also suspended the operating licence of a clinic in West Sussex after discovering a range of safety issues that presented a danger to patients, including inadequate infection control,  insufficient trained staff and use of out-of-date medicines.

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1 in 5 cosmetic surgery clinics declared unsafe