Botched cosmetic surgery procedures are on the increase

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Botched cosmetic surgery procedures are on the rise in the UK according to Save Face, a government-approved register of accredited practitioners. Alarmingly the organisation suggests that the number of botched cosmetic surgery cases has almost tripled in 12 months.

The rise in cosmetic procedures has been linked to an increase in celebrities talking openly about the cosmetic surgery they have had and promoting its use across various social media outlets. This in turn is leading to an increase in their followers aspiring to achieve the same look.

But whilst celebrities often get free treatment, which they then promote through social media and television programmes, their followers have to pay the full comercial rate for their cosmetic surgery. And because many ordinary people cannot afford full price treatment, this has opened the door for bargain-priced procedures and has led to an increase in rogue practitioners offering cosmetic surgery on the cheap.

Many cosmetic surgery practitioners have no medical training

The general public continue to be unaware that a high proportion of cosmetic surgery practitioners are not medically trained. Worryingly this is thought to be as many as 83%. We often hear of marketing practices being adopted that should have no role to play in medical care. This includes ‘buy one, get one free’ cosmetic surgery offers and even ‘Botox parties’, where a number of people meet together at a friend’s house and share the cost of hiring a botox practitioner.

Following the PIP breast implant scandal* , when unauthorised silicone breast implants were used in thousands of women, recommendations were put forward by the then Medical Director of NHS England, Bruce Keogh. He called for a number of restrictions to be implemented in the cosmetic surgery industry to ensure that practitioners are qualified and appropriate record-keeping procedures are followed. This initiative was supported by the Health Minister, who agreed that the issue of ‘cowboys’ in the industry needed to be tackled.

Regulation of the cosmetic surgery industry is inadequate

While there have been developments in the regulation of cosmetic surgery, including the need for improved training, more robust qualifications and better information in the public domain, it’s clear that more needs to be done on a national scale through legislation.

Given the government’s preoccupation with Brexit the chances of immediate action being taken are slim, so in the meantime prospective cosmetic surgery patients will need to take the initiative to protect themselves before parting with their money.

Our advice to anyone contemplating cosmetic surgery

Our advice to anyone thinking of undergoing cosmetic surgery remains the same:

1. Research the procedure – Make sure you know what to expect.

2. Research the practitioner – Are they registered? Are they insured? What is their success rate?

3. Do not fall for cut-price offers – Sometimes these offer are more costly than they seem.

4. Seek recommendations from people who have had treatment themselves, who you know and trust.

5. Be clear with the practitioner about what you want to achieve – Do not be afraid to ask questions.

Botched cosmetic surgery procedures – how we can help

Errors and mistakes in cosmetic surgery occur in all aspects of the industry, from botox procedures to nose jobs, from facelifts to breast implants.

Not all negative outcomes are the result of negligence – medicine is not an exact science and the results of surgery cannot always be guaranteed. It is therefore important that you consult specialist solicitors to determine whether you have a valid legal claim.

We deal with medical negligenece and botched cosmetic surgery claims on a national basis. We have an enviable track record of success and are willing to work on a no win, no fee basis.

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