Making a No Win, No Fee cosmetic surgery claim

If you would like to make a no win no fee cosmetic surgery claim then contact our free legal helpline for a case assessment.

Victims of cosmetic surgery negligence are often put off from making a compensation claim by the fear of incurring legal costs they simply cannot afford.

However, by going to specialist solicitors who are willing to deal with a cosmetic surgery claim on a no win, no fee basis worries about legal fees shouldn’t be a factor.

Because we are experts in this specialised field we are willing to back our judgement of a case by working on a no win no fee basis. This means that if you do not win your claim you will not have to pay us for the work we have carried out. It is only if you win your case that our fees have to be paid, and we are usually able to recover most of those fees from your opponent.

Opting for no win no fee funding is therefore the sensible choice for people who:

a) don’t have the money to pay legal costs; or

b) have the money to fund a claim, but don’t want to risk losing it.

We will assess whether you claim is suitable for no win no fee funding by carrying out a free case assessment.

All we need are details of your case. Occasionally we will require sight of your medical records, which we can arrange. Sometimes we will run brief details of your case past an independent cosmetic surgeon for a preliminary expert opinion, which again we do on a free of charge basis.

To take the first step to making a no win, no fee cosmetic surgery claim simply give us a call on 0808 139 1592. Alternatively you can send us a summary of your case by email to [email protected]

How to make a No Win, No Fee cosmetic surgery claim