Claiming laser hair removal compensation

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Cosmetic surgery law specialist, Carly Sylvester, has recently settled a laser hair removal compensation claim for a client who suffered burns to her stomach, legs, and bikini area after receiving treatment.

Ms N went to a laser hair removal practitioner for a number of sessions, but after a while she noticed that she was not achieving the results she was promised during her initial consultation.

She told the practitioner about her concerns and was asked to return for a further session. During this session, one the practitioner’s employees used the machine on a higher setting than was appropriate for her skin type. This employee was a new starter and had not used the laser machine prior to this treatment.

During the session, Ms N experienced pain and suffered burn marks to her stomach, legs, and bikini area. She was reassured by the practitioner that this was normal and that her wounds would heal within 24 hours.

The next morning, Ms N was still experiencing pain and the marks were still present. She contacted her GP and was prescribed cream for the burns.

After a further two weeks, Ms N’s burns were still present and did not appear to be improving. She therefore contacted us to find out if she could make a laser hair removal compensation claim for the pain she had suffered. We agreed to take her case on and work on a no win, no fee basis.

After submitting the claim to the practitioner’s insurers, an out of court compensation settlement was reached.

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Laser hair removal compensation claim